Cannibal (Road Bike) Time Trial Q&A

We wanted to give racers an opportunity to try a new and exciting Time Trial format at this year’s Two Days of Buffalo Omnium. Omnium/Stage races are really cool in theory. It’s the closest you get as an amateur racer to “The Tour”. For many racers however, it can be challenging to bring a full time trial to a race. The added complexity and cost dissuades many racers from participating in a race like this and sometimes the added space a TT bike takes up in your car can prevent teammates or friends from carpooling to a race.

So this year we decided to offer a 4.6 Mile Prologue distance Road Bike only TT at our race. The benefit of this format is that anyone can participate and be competitive! Crit guys, Climbers, Cross racers, anyone!!! No fancy disc wheels or dedicated TT bike required. Just you, your road bike, and guts!!! Not to mention with this style of TT, the course can be a bit more technical, complex, and challenging!

Since this is a new format, I wanted to go over some of the rules to ensure everyone plans accordingly and has as much fun as possible.


You must use a mass start legal road bike with round handlebars. No bull horns or aero bars. No Clip-On’s. Get in the drops and go fast!!!


Mass start legal wheels. No discs, 3 spokes, 5 spokes, Spinergy, disc covers, etc…


Did you ever show up to a crit and say, I’m attacking from the gun? However you would dress in that situation is how you should dress for this event. Mass start helmet (no TT helmet). Skinsuits & aero gloves, and shoe covers allowed.

The intention here is to level out the playing field and open up this TT to people who would normally not want to participate in a TT. I know a lot of fast guys that roll their eyes when the topic of time trials come up. Let’s face it, a TT is a simple race. Fastest person from point A to point B. It is the race of truth and I hope to see all of the “fast guys” show up and show us all what they are really made of.

I expect average speeds to top out at over 30 miles per hour and the fastest times to be in the 10 minute range. If you really want to do well in this event the most important piece of equipment you can bring is a barf bag.

Good Luck, Be Safe, and Have Fun!!!